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If you are tired of shuttling your family around to more than one doctor when they are in need of care, then it is time to visit Dr. Fred Leslie and the team at Seminole Family Health Clinic. We want to be your family’s one stop shop for a large variety of medical services such as general wellness, Dermatology, weight loss, and auto accident injuries. Imagine the convenience of having all the medical records of your family members in one office and being able to trust one experienced healthcare provider with all their needs. This is the peace of mind that Dr. Leslie brings to his patients.

Family Physician

A family physician is not your typical doctor. While other health practitioners often specialize in care of a particular group of people, family physicians have the expertise to care for every member of your family in one conveniently located Seminole office. Dr. Leslie and his staff have extensive knowledge of the physical and emotional factors that can affect the health of a patient, from newborns to the elderly. They will use the wide range of training they have received to diagnose and treat all of your family’s illnesses and ailments.

Our office is a walk-in facility, so they are always there for you when you need help in a non-life threatening situation. They are equipped to offer an urgent care center for minor emergency care without the hassles that come with visiting the emergency room.

Weight Loss Programs

We bet you weren’t aware that a doctor could be a helpful resource to meet your weight loss goals. At their Seminole office, Dr. Leslie will help you create a physician directed diet and weight loss program tailored to your lifestyle and goals. When you come into the office we will sit down and discuss your goals as well as conduct a physical exam. We have all of the resources to teach you how to life a healthier lifestyle without fad diets or dangerous methods. Feeling confident and being healthy are obtainable and Dr. Leslie and team want you to succeed.

Depending on your age, gender, and body size you may also qualify for some injectable medications that can jump-start your weight loss journey. MIC, Lipo-C, and Vitamin B-12 shots are some that we use, but we would not recommend using one until an exam is conducted by one of our trained doctors.

Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents in Seminole can be a very stressful experience, especially if you start to feel neck or back pain shortly afterwards. It is very important to see a doctor or family physician soon after an auto accident to prevent insurance complications and to also ensure that there are no serious problems. Turning to Dr. Leslie during this time is a cheaper and less time consuming option than taking a trip to the emergency room if you believe your injuries are not life-threatening.

Tissue and whiplash injuries sometimes do not surface until days after the accident occurs but they can be very painful and can disrupt your routine. Whether you are a resident of Seminole or visiting from out of town, we can get you back to feeling your best without any extra hassle.

Doctor Fred Leslie at the Seminole Family Health Clinic

Dr. Fred Leslie is a doctor of osteopathic medicine and has been treating families for over 30 years. Affordable health care should be available to everyone, which is why our Seminole office accepts most major insurances. We also offer pre-paid discounts to those who are currently uninsured. If you would like to experience the relief of trusting one provider with all of your healthcare needs, give us a call at 727-851-9910.