Family Physician | Madeira Beach

Family physicians are the ideal source of primary care for anyone in Madeira Beach looking for a doctor who is specialized in the needs of children and adults alike. Consider visiting Dr. Fred Leslie’s practice for all of your medical needs, from minor emergencies to yearly exams.

The Difference of a Family Physician

While other medical professionals may choose to specialize in a certain medical field, a family physician’s specialty is to provide care for patients of all ages and to provide any type of care they need. This type of doctor will be able to diagnose and offer a treatment plan for illnesses. Additionally, they can provide health screening and lifestyle counseling, which can support a healthier life.

Consulting a family physician in Madeira Beach can help you:

  • Prevent and treat diseases
  • Build a long term relationship with your doctor
  • Treat a wide range of condition
  • Care for emotional, mental, and physical needs
  • Coordinate with other professionals as needed

It is true that certain conditions require the care of a specialist, but Dr. Leslie has been trained in a variety of medical areas to meet your general care needs. Some of the fields a family physician can provide you with excellent care include:

  • Care for all ages, from infancy to elderly
  • Eye Care
  • Mental Health
  • Well Woman Care
  • Joint and Bone Care
  • And More

And in case your doctor feels you need to receive care from a specialist, he will be able to coordinate with medical professionals around Madeira Beach to ensure you stay in good hands.

Because this type of medical professional can care for you at any point in your life, it is important to find a practitioner around Madeira Beach with whom you and other members of your family can feel comfortable.

At the Seminole Family Clinic, near Madeira Beach, we focus on building great relationships with our patients, while keeping a consistent record of all family members in one single place. Our knowledgeable staff can take care of everyone with the same level of skills. Know you can trust us for any exams or procedures you many need including vaccines, mammograms, necessary school sports physical exams, and much more.

Additional Services Offered At Our Clinic

As your local family physician, Dr. Fred Leslie offers the residents of Madeira Beach a variety of services to accompany them in life.

  • Walk-In Clinic: Waiting for an appointment to become available is not always an option, but our walk-in clinic can help with non-life threatening immediate care.
  • Minor Emergency Care: The waiting room at the ER is always too busy. You can avoid waiting for hours and come by the office instead.
  • Dermatology: To keep your skin, nails, and hair looking great regular check-ups are available and recommended.
  • Diet and Weight Loss: Lifestyle changes see better results when you receive help and support from professionals.
  • Car Accident Injuries: After a crash, your family physician can diagnose and treat neck or back pain, inflammation, and other sprains that were caused during the collision

About Dr. Fred Leslie

Dr. Fred Leslie became a board certified doctor in family medicine in 1982. After years of education, extensive training, internships, and his residency, he opened his practice to provide excellent care to the families of Madeira Beach and surrounding areas.

Regardless of the kind of healthcare you may need, Dr. Fred Leslie has the skills to help you. At our clinic, we believe that affordable care should be available to everyone, which is why we offer our patients a pre-paid cash discount, and accept most major insurance.

For more information about our family physician practice, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 727-851-9910.