Family Physician | Redington

When searching for a primary care doctor, many people don’t realize they have the option of a family physician. Dr. Fred Leslie of Redington has been certified in family medicine for over 30 years, and at the Seminole Family Clinic, we can help patients of any age for a wide variety of services.

What Does a Family Physician Do?

Unlike medical professionals who practice in a specialty field in Redington, a family physician is trained to care for you regardless of age or gender. Dr. Fred Leslie is able to not only diagnose or treat an ailment, but can also provide regular check-up screenings or counseling that helps prevent illness. A family physician can also recommend the right specialist should you need one. Check out a few of the different areas your family physician can help with:

  • Skin, nail and hair care
  • Well Women Care
  • Pediatric Care
  • Eye Care
  • Mental Health
  • X-Rays
  • Joint and Bone Care
  • And many more!

Why Should I Choose a Family Physician?

It is very important to feel comfortable with your primary care doctor, and a family physician can provide that comfort. Here are just some of the many additional benefits to choosing this kind of doctor, here in Redington:

  1. They are familiar with any physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors that can affect the health of every member of your family, no matter how young or old.
  2. They provide consistency for your medical care throughout all stages of your life.
  3. Their wide range of training allows them to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions.
  4. All of your health records are kept in one place, making it easy to access immunization records, test results, or other medical information.

The relationship between patient and doctor is extremely important. Our main goal at the Seminole Family Clinic in Redington is for you to establish a strong, positive relationship with your doctor, that lasts throughout your life. Each member of the family can feel comfortable knowing that each stage of their medical needs as they get older is taken care of by a staff that they know and trust, especially when it comes to timely exams or procedures such as vaccines, colonoscopies, mammograms, or prostate exams.

About Dr. Fred Leslie

In 1982, Dr. Leslie became board certified in family medicine. He completed four years of medical school as well as two years of training in the musculoskeletal system. He then completed an internship and residency. Before beginning medical school, Dr. Leslie became a registered pharmacist. Dr. Leslie’s goal with each patient is to treat the patient as a whole and to make sure the patient feels like all of their questions are being answered.

Other Services Offered

Dr. Leslie treats a variety of patients in Redington, and his office also offers a variety of services! Here are some of the additional services we can provide for you:

  • Auto Collision Related Injury– We can diagnose and treat neck or back pain, inflammation, and sprains that were caused by a car accident.
  • Diet and Weight Loss– Let us help you make lifestyle changes that will lead to results you will love!
  • Dermatology– Regular check-ups keeps your skin, nails, and hair looking great.
  • Minor Emergency Care– ER wait times can be hours! Avoid the wait for any minor injuries and come by our office.
  • Walk-In Clinic– We help with non-life threatening immediate care when you can’t wait for an appointment to become available.

Stop by the Seminole Family Clinic in Redington to learn more about all a family physician has to offer for you and your family. Come by our office or give us a call at 727-851-9949.