allergy season

How Can Your Physician Help You Deal With Your Allergies?

Allergy season can be a brutal time for Seminole sufferers, as well as their loved ones. There’s no time to go outside and play if you’re stuck inside sneezing and congested. Before you head to the pharmacy to grab what you can off the shelf, consider heading to a local family physician for a personalized treatment to kick those runny nose blues.

Finding the Source

If your allergies are caused by pollen, or as we often hear “something in the air”, the symptoms are almost always the same. From a simple nasal congestion, to more important conditions like asthma, you just need to understand where these come from.

People with allergies have an immune system that works slightly differently than people who don’t need to worry about transitioning into spring. Allergens present in the air in Seminole are not extremely dangerous to the body, but when your immune system works too hard, it might think pollen is a threatening substance.

To help you determine what your body will be reacting to, your family physician can perform a skin or blood test.

  • A skin test involves infecting a small patch of skin with a certain allergen and waiting to see if it causes an irritation. These are often done in small areas with the option of testing several possibilities at once. If the skin reddens or a rash appears, that is confirmation that it is the source of your ailments.
  • Taking a blood sample allows professionals to examine how many antibodies your blood makes when introduced to a certain allergen. The more antibodies produced when suspected, the more sensitive to the substance you are. Blood tests are more often done on those who cannot, for whatever reason, have a skin test performed.

Once your allergens are identified using one of these methods, your family physician can more accurately provide you with solutions and recommend certain medication to help you.

Family Physicians

A family physician is a great place to turn to when residents of Seminole are having allergy problems. They know you and your families’ medical records and can give you the best advice on how to fight back. Dr. Leslie and the staff at his practice specialize in primary care, minor urgent care and OMT. You don’t need an appointment and most insurance policies are being accepted. Give us a call at 727-851-9910 to discuss your options.