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What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

Car accidents are scary, there is no denying that. Regardless of if it was a small fender bender, or if one of the vehicles was totaled, you are probably feeling a little shaken up. And while many Madeira Beach residents just want to go home and rest after a collision, the best thing to do is find a local physician at an urgent care center. While you may not be suffering from any obvious injuries, many tissue, tendon and ligament injuries will not surface until days later. Seeing a doctor as soon as you can is imperative to healing as quickly as possible.

Finding a Physician

Many Madeira Beach residents don’t realize that there is a cheaper, less time-consuming option available to them other than just going to the emergency room. Some local physicians will run urgent care centers that offer personalized care at a fraction of the cost for the ER. In addition, when you visit us at the Seminole Family Health Center, you will never wait longer than one hour to see a doctor! Compare this to the emergency room, where you could keep being pushing further and further down on the list as more “emergent” people come in.

Some car accident injuries require rest, some require light movement to keep blood flow to the injured area, some require heat right away, while others will do better with a cold compress. After an accident you are going to be stressed and shaken up—don’t let these health decisions be made based on whatever advice is offered on the internet. Find a local Madeira Beach physician to help guide you so you can begin to heal efficiently.

Seminole Family Health Center

At the Seminole Family Health Center, we have been helping residents of Seminole, Largo, Madeira Beach, Redington Beach, and the surrounding areas live healthier lives. Our urgent care center will allow you to see our physician, Dr. Fred Leslie, quickly and you will never feel rushed or hurried. No matter if you were just in a car accident, cut your hand and need stitches, have a child who needs a physical done for a sports team, or if you would like some information about our weight loss programs, we will be able to help you!

As a family physician, Dr. Leslie is trained to treat everyone from newborns to the elderly, so we will be able to help your entire family! For more information, call us today at 727-851-9910.