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Get Ready for Fall with These Skin Care Tips

Fall is a wonderful time of year in Seminole. The temperature starts to drop, kids are back in school, and fun holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner. However, the changing season also brings about changes in how to take care of your skin. Check out these health clinic and dermatologist approved tips to continue to have wonderful skin.

Air Gets Drier

Even here in Seminole, the air slowly starts to gets drier as the humid summer months finally end. Although it feels great, the lack of moisture causes the skin to dry out.

  • Change Your Body Wash. Many soaps and body washes do a great job of cleaning, but also dry out your skin. Upgrade to a body wash that has adds moisture back into your skin. This goes a long way to preventing feeling itchy throughout the fall season.
  • Get a Better Moisturizer. Health clinics recommend using a stronger moisturizer to keep your skin feeling great and healthy all season in Seminole. The best time to apply is right after drying off after a shower.
  • Don’t Ditch the Sun Screen. Even though you may no longer be headed to the beach, wearing sunscreen is incredibly important. Continuing to apply it will help prevent sunspots and other skin damage from occurring. Look for a moisturizer with sunscreen already blended in for the best results.

Hand Care

An especially important area to focus on is your hands. Your hands are more prone to drying out over other parts of your body because of the amount of times they get washed throughout the day. Frequently, Seminole health clinics recommend applying a moisture rich hand cream several times throughout the day. This should especially happen after washing your hands. Additionally, investing in cuticle oil is a great idea; these oils prevent the cuticles from painfully cracking and splitting, saving you from discomfort all through the fall.

Consult a Dermatologist at Our Family Health Clinic

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