Weight Loss Plan | Madeira Beach

To get started with a weight loss plan that actually works—one that offers long-term, permanent solutions rather than a temporary quick fix, it is highly recommended you consult with a primary care physician in Madeira Beach that has years of experience effectively helping people lose weight—for good.

The Problem with Weight Loss

Many people in Madeira Beach want to lose weight but quickly become discouraged if they don’t see immediate results, consequently abandoning all efforts to make healthier lifestyle adjustments. The problem has a lot to do with our society and how the media portrays weight loss plans and products. We are always looking for the quick fix, as advertising today makes it so we are always in need for finding and following the new “it” trends, usually pills or a fitness fad. Although many companies are just trying to make money through these empty promises, it doesn’t stop people from believing them.

The reality is that you did not gain the weight overnight. You probably gained it slowly and gradually overtime. So it won’t be lost overnight either. It is also important to acknowledge that these diet fads and fitness trends don’t take your individual needs and lifestyle factors into consideration. Everyone has a different biochemical makeup. There are a number of factors that affect health and weight—not just the foods you eat and how often you exercise.

Safe and Effective Way to Lose Weight

Our weight loss plans for Madeira Beach residents are individualized and custom tailored to you specifically. They are encouraging, engaging and, most importantly, effective. This isn’t a quick fix—it is a long term solution. Because we want to be honest about something that many companies today aren’t—if it offers instant/quick results, they probably aren’t for the long-term—just temporarily. You see, the weight isn’t the only problem. Well, it is. But it is not the root of the problem. We get to the root of the problem by determining what played a role in your weight gain in the first place.

The goal for our weight loss plans isn’t just for you to slim down, which in doing so will also help your self-esteem and confidence. But we also aim to help you experience an overall better quality of life by identifying and implementing healthier, realistic lifestyle adjustments that will positively influence your quality of sleep, mood, energy, etc.

Many people don’t even consider how diet can affect their overall lifestyle and play a role in their psychological well-being. But we aim to change that. Believe it or not, we literally are what we eat—the kinds of food we consume effect everything we do—our emotions, mentality, etc.

Get Started with a Weight Loss Plan in Madeira Beach

As a family health clinic, we don’t just specialize in helping people lose weight. We are primary care physicians that also offer minor emergency care, a walk-in clinic, treatment for back pain and auto injuries, dermatology, etc.

Our family physician, Dr. Fred Leslie, is a Board Certified Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine with over 30 years’ experience helping and treating patients. To set up an appointment today, or learn how to get started with your weight loss plan in Madeira Beach, give the office a call at 727-851-9910.